Seismic risk

If you believe your home is unsafe, you can hire your trusted technician to inspect the property's safety conditions or contact the Italian National Fire and Rescue Service directly, specifying the reasons for the request.

An earthquake is a natural physical phenomenon originating several kilometers deep in the earth's crust, related to the continuous transformation of our planet, bringing enormous energies into play.

At the present state of scientific knowledge, it is impossible to predict precisely where, when, or how strongly earthquakes will occur.

Before traveling, always check whether the facility where you will be staying meets the criteria of the anti-seismic regulations required for that area by asking the property's owner or manager for more information.

The manager in charge of the building's safety decides, based on the risk assessment plan, whether to evacuate after a seismic event.

The manager is also in charge of checking whether union evacuation orders have been issued and assessing the technicians' intervention in carrying out the necessary usability checks on the building.

To obtain certain and verified information about an event, consult official agencies' websites or social media. In particular, to find out if earthquakes have occurred, consult the list of the latest earthquakes published by the INGV-National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology.